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...where the intertwining paths of family, work, chronic illness, and neurodivergence weave a unique tapestry of daily life. My journey is filled with challenges and triumphs that are as enriching as they are enlightening. For instance, I've had to navigate the unpredictability of my health while meeting client deadlines, but I've also experienced the joy of finding a supportive community online.

This blog provides a window into the realities of managing a business and personal life under these circumstances. You'll find honest reflections on the ups and downs of balancing client deadlines with doctor's appointments, the joys and challenges of neurodivergent parenting, and the personal growth that comes from living authentically at the intersection of these identities.

Whether you seek guidance, solidarity, or a deeper understanding of this multifaceted life, I aim to foster community and support through shared experiences and collective wisdom.

Join me as we explore the reality of living on your own terms, regardless of the challenges life throws in your path. Together, we'll discover survival strategies and, more importantly, how to thrive amidst the chaos, crafting a fulfilling life that respects our limits and celebrates our capabilities.

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