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Who is Susi? 

My favorite place is anywhere I can relax with a good book, puppy snuggles, and a massive cup of coffee (bonus points for an ocean view.) I am an avid reader of various genres, though mysteries and romance are my favorites. 


After years of infertility, I am a still-shocked 40-something mama to a bouncy preschooler who keeps me on my toes! I am transitioning from a stay-at-home mom as my son heads to school full-time for the first time this fall. While I will miss the extra snuggles, I look forward to watching him embrace the new challenges ahead!

​I have autoimmune arthritis, Sjögren's syndrome, infertility, PCOS, chronic migraine, ADHD, and Autism. My son is also autistic, and he's my little clone. Since puppies are Kiddo's "very favorite thing," we also have a very hyper tripod puppy.


Added together, that explains my caffeine dependence. 😉


I love reading stories with disabled characters, but I find that there are still very few fiction stories featuring neurodivergent, chronically ill, or disabled characters. I am doing all I can to get them out in the world. I primarily focus on mystery, romance, and women's fiction stories. However, depending on the subject, I am also open to working on memoirs or non-fiction.


As a marketing consultant, I have over ten years of experience in content creation and digital marketing and practical knowledge in various industries, including publishing, not-for-profit, engineering, and FDA-regulated companies. I am excited to be able to use these skills to help others expand their reach!

I love trying new recipes when not reading, writing, working, or spending time with family. In recent years, I have been working with a dietician to determine which foods make my autoimmune arthritis flare and which make the inflammation a bit better. I will share some of these recipes--and some of my journey with autoimmunity, immunosuppression, infertility, neurodivergence, and balancing that with parenting in my forties. 

Thankfully, I have a supportive family, great doctors, and a variety of costly meds that help make the challenges a whole lot easier. 

And don't forget a whole lot of caffeine. 😉


Visit my services pages to learn more about my marketing, writing, and editing background. As always, feel free to contact me anytime for more information on how I can help with your latest project!

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How can I help you? 

Are you interested in more information on how I can help you or your business? Please reach out using the form below! I look forward to chatting with you! 

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